Divorce mediation and collaborative practice make divorce less awful

I am a licensed attorney, mediator, collaborative professional and certified divorce financial anaylst. I can help you with all aspects of your divorce, if you are looking for a consensual process where you maintain control over your family matters and stay out of court.  I can guide you through this difficult passage with the help of other like-minded professionals as necessary.


How we help you through your divorce?

Legal - Support,  Child Custody and Parenting Time, Property Division for divorce, legal separation, separation agreements (pre and post nuptual agreements) and  marital mediation agreements


Emotional - Processing grief; developing emotional intelligence and awareness; coping skills; forgiveness; understanding; empathy and calm


Financial -Realistic look at financial situation; planning; developing better financial awareness, discipline, knowledge and skills; life planning for earning income


Social - How to best deal with children, extended family and friends


Client Centered - It's your process.  You make the decisions with the support and safety provided by the process and professionals.  It's private.  You have the opportunity to look deeply at how things are and how they can be made better; how you can become better.


Multidisciplinary - A team of professionals support, target needs, educate, offer observations and teach skill


Interest Based - Helping to look deeply to discover real interests underlying initial demands, creating more options to satisfy


Joint problem solving - Moving beyond blame to work together to brainstorm options to solve problems 


Sound better than a traditional divorce?

In a traditional divorce you are not encouraged to work together to come to understandings about yourself and your spouse that will enhance your future relationship.  Even if there will be no future relationship, what about the anger and bitterness you hold?  Wouldn't it be better to resolve that in your mind, body and spirit - for your own good?  Mediation can help your family through the very emotional and difficult process. 


Are you willing to find out more?  Check out the Services page for more specific information about process options.  Then call for a free initial consultation to see which option might be right for you. 


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